Water Wells Drilling

Access of potable water for everyone

The MSA Corp Water Well Drilling Initiative program is designed to provide access to clean drinking water to disadvantaged isolated populations in Africa.
A water well drilling project is launched in three ways:

1 – Direct solicitation from the local population.

In this case, MSA Corp will study the feasibility of the project and if favorable, we will finance the well drilling project at a capacity of 70%, while the local population will contribute 20%, and the remaining 10% will be financed by the local authorities.

2 – Solicitation from local authorities.

In this case MSA Corp will finance the drilling project at a capacity of 30% while the local authorities will provide 70% of the financing.

3 – Initiated by MSA Corp for the neediest populations.

In this case our organization will finance up to 100% of the project, and the local authorities or a third party may contribute for the rest of the funding if we’re not able to do 100%.

Well Drilling Cost

Drilling a well cost $6,000 on average for a depth of 150 feet. Most projects range between $7,500 and $12,000 as we aim to reach deeper aquafers for safer and cleaner drinkable Waters. Expect to pay between $40 to $70 per foot of depth, or up to $90 for difficult terrain. Digging might require shallow depth study, ranging between $10 to $25 per square foot and this to maximize our chance of finding the best location for the Waters.



Well's devices & accessories

Water Well devices and accessories that will provide the disadvantaged remote population with consistent high quality drinking water

  • well casting
  • Submerged Pump
  • well Cap
  • Outlet Piping
  • Water tank with float Switch & Spigot
  • Pump Control Box
  • Solar Modules

We support local business entities

Our conviction and practices, empower local businesses by awarding them with contracts of water drilling projects and by doing so we are directly impacting and supporting the local economy, while providing humanitarian service to the concerned population.

We get the local community engaged

During the construction phase, we make sure that the local community organizes to make sure that the water well drilling and maintenance company (ies) can be properly supported. But especially at the end of the project, the local community and the local leadership are invited to be part of the water committee, which is in charge of supervising the infrastructures of the water well, monitoring the proper use of the water and also collecting the symbolic fees necessary for its routine maintenance for a more sustainable and durable Life of the Well(s).

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