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We provide solutions to make Africa more competitive

Our Mission

Millennium Solutions Africa Corp (MSA) is an organization with the focus of finding ways to help Africa evolve from Countries, to Cities, to Villages.  We aim to bring Life-altering technologies for the evolution and advancement of Africa, thus paving the way for self-sustainability.

We work with western companies, organizations and qualified entities to introduce them to new economic frontiers by investing and expanding in Africa; and in the same token promote self-sustainability by creating jobs, improve skills with hands on education.

By coordinating such economic partnership, MSA Corp intend to participate in the eradication of poverty, hunger and chronic malnutrition in Africa and even globally. 


It is our goal to delve into the African issues with the objective to find and or help bring sustainable solutions. MSA Corp can offer Expert Solutions to help with new ideas and technologies and commercial opportunities to help the development of Africa, and can also work with Governments, Businesses, Organizations, and Corporations or directly with local populations to overcome barriers, to help grow Economies, progress new ideas and technologies in a more sustainable approach.

Many African leaders believe that real and lasting change would only be achieved by enabling and empowering local populations in the continent so that they have the tools, the training, and the necessary supports to step ahead on the way of self-sufficiency and sustainable Development. MSA Corp operates with that same approach of “Teaching how to fish instead of giving a fish”.

When you provide a fish, you may feed the hungry once but when you teach them how to fish, they will have the skills to part from hunger.

MSA Corp has a special attention on Agriculture knowing that about 80% of Africans living in rural areas have their means of supporting their existence largely restricted in Agriculture. So, we designed a project that has the potential to solve all major problems for farmers, boost production and help eradicate hunger in the Continent.

MSA Corp also has programs in the U.S. with Millennium Solutions U.S.A.to help small businesses be more visible online by providing them with free online services from Domaine names, Hosting packages to Web Design, to improve their chances for success.

MS- U.S.A. also offers services to make personal gardens more available and promote healthy food and flowers options in food desert areas. Through these initiatives, we are actively working in several ways to improve the community by helping feed, educate, train and elevate the Morales and spirit to support health and habitat of Citizens.


2008 – AAD meets with Harold Stewart of New Earth International NEI, sharing ideas on solving the Power shortage in Sénégal and the Sous – Region. Millennium Solutions Africa MSA, is then borned.

2009 – We meet with the Senegalese, Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger authorities (Ambassadors and Advisers).

2011 – Millennium Solutions Africa MSA grows to more than 3,500 volunteers in 17 countries worldwide.

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However, I feel that I have never been so optimistic about the future of Africa.

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