The COVID 19 represents a great challenge for our continent and our leaders need to be very strategic to fight this Pandemic. Our populations are vulnerable due to our social habits, weak economies and poor infrastructures especially in the medical field.
I hope and pray that we all get through this. I am also worried about the future challenges on our already weak economies post COVID 19 cures and or vaccines.
Those challenges could also bring great opportunities for Africa to reposition itself on the global economy/markets. We’re looking at a potential global recession or depression and with a very high demand of end products and raw materials, and the top economies may have to start finding other alternatives to China’s production which started with mainly cheap labor and quickly spiked to number one in production/manufacturing Worldwide. This could be a great opportunity for Africa to offer that second option to the global markets and with over 800 Million Africans between the ages of 18 to 35, we can definitely beat the Cheap labor from China.
Africa must first invest in the manufacturing industries and be prepared to implement the AfCFTA swiftly, which is a Continental Free Trade Area agreement to create a tariff-free economic environment to spur business growth, boost intra-continental trade, spark industrialization, and create jobs and was signed at an extraordinary summit in Kigali in 2018 by 44 Countries then and 54 presently.
With the right investments, we can see a huge turn around on our economies and thus improve the lives of our populations and bring a brighter future for African kids and next generations.

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