Agricultural production & food security in Africa

Agricultural production & food security in Africa
Agriculture employs 60 per cent of Africa’s labor force, while three-fifths of farmers
work at a subsistence level. Efforts in many African countries to increase agricultural
production have not guaranteed food security. Many governments are still not investing
10% of their budgets in Agriculture and the few who do are not using sustainable
strategies and therefore, good results lackluster.
We see the advancing state of famine in the Continent faced by over a Hundred Million
Africa’s food insecurity has been further worsened by the threat of rising food prices, the
dependency on imported good 100 $B strong, the lack of industrialization…
We need to tackle the roots of this issue and help farmers produce more and to the
level of prosperity, in other words: converting them into Agribusiness men.
MSA Corp plans to help change these facts.
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  1. The Economy Base of a Continent and or a Nation is the industries and businesses that its population uses to support and sustain itself. Essentially it’s the industries and or businesses that are responsible for bringing money and goods into the Continent or Nation from outside sources. A population could not sustain itself if it only recycled its own money internally. The money in a community must be expanded by selling and or exchanging goods to the outside World.
    The question now is, what are our leaders doing to capitalize on selling our goods but mainly what are they doing to make sure that we produce more goods to satisfy local needs first then sell outside.
    It seems obvious to me that the key here is Production, Production and Production.
    We cannot keep neglecting production and instead aquire outside goods and expect our Economy to do well.
    Most African Countries are stuck on the colonial governing practices and have shifted little from that post independence and some have even regressed.
    An industrial revolution is what we need and even though it would not happen overnight but we can work our ways towards that by laying the ground work with necessary infrastructures and expertise now for a favorable response down the way.
    We can do it!
    We need to do it!
    We have to do it!
    We have to believe it!
    Viva Africa!
    Let’s stand for Africa and help it prosper!

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